Migrating Servers

Howdy everybody!

We are going to migrate http://github.com/linkjuice/yacg and http://blackhatseo-blog.com today, so you should expect them to be offline for some hours.

We are going to pimp out everything, so you should expect faster and better forums and tickets system.

If you are a [YACG] Mass Installer or Link Farm Evolution customer, you can send us all your support inquiries to support@blackhatseo-blog.com while the ticket system is offline.

EDIT: Everything is back to normal now! We apologize for such a long downtime, all the open issues and e-mails will be answered shortly. Thank you for your patience.

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3 thoughts on “Migrating Servers

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  2. Michael ESTONIA Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5 says:


    Could you get the Black Hat SEO Keyword Tool working again?
    Currently it redirects to a parked page by godaddy.

    I really enjoyed that tool – guick and simple.

  3. busin3ss MEXICO Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5 says:

    Will do :) We are just pimping it a bit more!

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