DIM: Drive, Incentivate and Monetize!


We are going to start talking about an interesting strategy we’ve been using for quite a bit that we call .

DIM is pretty simple to understand, but a bit complex on the execution. Here is a quick diagram to explain how it works:


In the following days we are going to cover every single step of this , and for those without background experience we are also going to show what tools you need to execute this.

This will be a case study too, so you will be able to see live examples of it – Some of them with a big, steady monthly income.

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8 thoughts on “DIM: Drive, Incentivate and Monetize!

  1. Steve CANADA Windows Vista Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 says:

    Fuck yeah! :)

  2. Sounds cool, if its what I expect it then its getting awesome :) Hopefully I can include LFE in this ;-)

  3. busin3ss MEXICO Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 says:

    You will be able to integrate Link Farm Evolution.

  4. JSkeens UNITED KINGDOM Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 says:

    looks awesome, thanks.

  5. TSR UNITED STATES Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 says:

    Sounds interesting

  6. Dude, i just want to say we are still waiting for your post :) – And by the way, i love lfe :D

  7. busin3ss you rock and I can’t wait for the details on this.

  8. Wigger Mcgavin UNITED STATES Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.15 says:

    dude! Let’s do this. I’ rocking with LFE.

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