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Basic Link Farm Evolution Linking

This is an introduction for folks who are relatively new or inexperienced with SEO and the examples within are provided strictly for educational purposes.  I do not claim that any particular link structure is the key to fantastic riches and search domination.

In this post I am going to use the term .  I don’t know who came up with that term first.  I think I first saw it on some marketing literature from lemonarian.  In that context, linkwheeling is a specific formula for linking between particular hosts and a money page, to create some sort of circle of authority, aka “How To Rank #1 in Google in 30 Minutes”.  Marketing spin.  I will use the term linkwheel generically to describe any non-reciprocal interlinking between .

What are parasites?  Any host which allows us to register a profile, create a blog, post to a blog, comment, start a thread, respond to a thread, share an article etc.  Examples of parasites are Squidoo, Hubpages, Ezine Articles, Tumblr, Blogger, Pligg sites, WordPress MU hosts, and so on.  Parasites are different from our own sites where we control the hosting, the code, the domain, and have editorial control over all content.

Simply, any site we don’t own which lets us add our links and content. We can linkwheel our own sites but that is outside the scope of this blog post.

One of the questions I get asked most often by people using is,

“How should I setup or pattern my links?”

The following is a simple pyramid link structure for Link Farm Evolution.

Click the image to see the full pyramid structure

Click the image to see the full pyramid structure

Let’s break it down as it should be constructed.

First, we build from the top down, primarily for efficiency.  Whenever possible, finish what you start, then move on.  It is very hard to scale when we leave unfinished business in our wake.  This requires being organized with content, keywords, tags and anchors in advance.

Second, I think it is important to parasite on a trusted host or in a trusted network.  This means that the link to your money page comes from a decent source, and that all less valuable mass linking you do is laundered through the parasite rather than pointing directly to your site.  This level can be a linkwheel or single trusted parasite host.

Wetpaint, Webgarden, Weebly, Vox, WordPress, Multiply, xFruits, Virb etc. can all be used as trusted parasites for this level.  There are many, many more such parasites.

Third, your Link Farm Evolution WPMU blogs.  In some cases, you can linkwheel these via the blogroll, but I have been really down on mass interlinking for the last half year.  If you link everything too tight, it is easy to spot your network, and stupidly easy for the SEs to wipe it out.  The power of WPMU is having so many different hosts, templates and ip addresses in your backlink profile.  That provides a lot of diversity and differentiation.  It also makes your backlink profile look more natural.

Fourth, Pligg stories.  In my diagram, they are only linking to the WPMU blogs.  You can also story your parasite(s).

Fifth, Pligg comments.  Link up out of Pligg to WPMU and your trusted host.

It is as simple as that.

Where do you start?

KISS.  Start very simple and small.  A money page, a single level one parasite, and then follow the chart.   The ratios on the chart aren’t fussy, but it’s not a bad place to start.  Understand how to build a small pyramid, adjust it to your expectations and results, and refine your approach.

How do you scale?

Build one pyramid to your money page, then build another, and another.

Click on the image to see the full pyramid mininet.

Click on the image to see the full pyramid mininet.

Why not just build huge pyramids?

By building smaller networks, we don’t get lost pursuing projects that don’t have a clearly defined end.  We can measure, monitor and evaluate a smaller network, or series of smaller networks much more easily than a big lump of hundreds and hundreds of links.


Building these one way link pyramids give us structure, control, easy maintenance and fast deployment.  Because they are compartmentalized, we can lose one, and replicate it quickly again, we can double up on the same titles and anchors to push harder for a particular ranking.  Competitors will have trouble seeing the scope of our link power by passing it through tiers and maintaining discrete networks will keep them from being able to map out our approach easily.

Post your questions in the comments if you have any, and I will follow up with another post to answer them to the best of my ability.

Notes in the margin

Titles are important.  Your blog titles (blog names) should be less than 15 characters if possible.  Anything longer makes for messy urls.

instead of

Pligg story and blog post titles should probably be under 50 characters.  I shoot for 40, but you might be able to cheat all of the way to 60.  Smart titles look better in the SERPs, they have a higher keyword density, they match more long tail searches, they attract organic clicks, and they look natural which is great for camouflage.  If your content is absolute dross, at least make your titles decent to give yourself a fighting chance.

Titles and short copy can be scraped from PPC ads

Titles and short copy can be scraped from PPC ads

Know your action words!  Get, find, buy, now, review, purchase, order, order online, cheap, discount, sale etc.

If you are short on inspiration for titles, look at Google’s Sponsored Listings on the SERPs.  I borrow PPC ad copy all of the time.

Quality matters.  Quality content and links will last longer and perform better.  Link Farm Evolution is automation.  It mass produces links and completes registrations.  So the question always is, how do you balance one against the other.  No one can answer that for you.  It is different for every niche and keyword and search engine.  The trick is to get out there and start building links, start building these supports to raise your money pages higher in the SERPs and attract more organic traffic.  The discovery process differentiates what you are doing from what your competitors are doing.  That marginal advantage helps you rank high and make money while others rank low and make little.

The magic in the formula is your experience and creativity.

This is a guest post by guerilla. His new project is Web Automation Lab.

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  1. essbom UNITED KINGDOM Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.15 says:

    Interesting post Guerilla. I’m just exploring this method of linkbuilding for use with my current SEO techniques on a big travel term. I’d like you opinion on a couple of things:

    1 – Have you used this system on big commercial terms like ‘cheap holiday’ etc?

    2 – Do you think that if I set these linkwheels up to point into my biggest inbound links – they would improve my rankings further?

    Any opinions appreciated. essbom

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  3. Brandon UNITED STATES Windows Vista Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5 says:

    This is rock-solid content!

    Thanks for taking the time to share this Guerilla.

    Please keep it coming.

  4. guerilla CANADA Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.15 says:


    I’ll answer your great questions in a follow up post.


    Thanks. There will be more.

  5. essbom UNITED KINGDOM Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.15 says:

    Look forward to reading it Guerilla . . . and thanks for such a great post! It certainly got us talking in our office.

    We’ve already got 100 & domains running with unique content – we’re just wondering what to do with it from there :)

  6. Anonymous UNITED KINGDOM Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.15 says:

    [...] boeserseo: Linkwheeling -> –LINK– [...]

    Thanks guerilla thats really helped me out, been playing with LFE for a while and this has help give me some guidance

  7. bradman CANADA Windows Vista Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5 says:

    Wow.. this is some serious sh*t!
    Very well explained too. You’ll be hearing from me guerilla :)

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    Great post, thanks a lot, looking forward to the rest.

  9. gutterseo IRELAND Windows Vista Mozilla Firefox 3.5.6 says:

    Nice post G. I’m getting more and more tempted to pickup this script.

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    I don’t understand how to add additional email to the catch all. I have a default. Do you have any post on how to do this. What do I need to do on the new domain?

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